Visit to La Chispa Library and Matagalpa

Almost one week into our 11-day trip, and time is simultaneously flying by while it feels like we’ve been here forever.

After a combined 18th birthday party for Leah and a dance/Zumba party, we started off the morning with a Fruit Festival – papaya, melocoton (star fruit), bananas, piña (pineapple), naranjas (oranges), coco (coconut), sandía (watermelon), and probably something else I am leaving out…

Today was our last day of service to the community and it was certainly a hoot, as we were mostly on out own at La Chispa Biblioteca, a library and community center that was a project implemented by Planting Hope many years ago.

We played with some very young kids today, where it didn’t quite matter what we did – they loved it and we played some simple games (“pato, pato, ganzo” – duck, duck, goose) and did A LOT of puzzles!
We then drove up the mountain to get a fantastic view of Matagalpa, and a couple daring members of the group even did a zip-line.

Tomorrow is our final day in San Ramon, and well have our farewell party with our host families tomorrow night. After that we’ll be on our your of Granada, Lago de Apoyo (Apoyo Lake), and the countryside and small islands on the lake. Stay tuned for some marvelous photos for sure. 20140111-171224.jpg20140111-171234.jpg20140111-171243.jpg20140111-171252.jpg20140111-171258.jpg20140111-171319.jpg









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