Día Cinco (Day 5): Ocalca 2 Coffee Camp

Today we returned to the small community of Ocalca and went to another small coffee camp located a little ways up the mountain from Ocalca 1. It was a high energy day in an absolutely beautiful little spot.

We have been really honing our Spanish-speaking skills, and can effectively introduce ourselves, ask questions to the kids (even if some don’t understand the responses), and we’re getting really good at playing kickball and the crowd favorite “Osos, pesces, y Mosquitos” (see yesterday’s posts for details).

One of the most touching things to see is how quickly the young kids will latch on to us. They’re often pretty shy at first, and after one game they are holding our hands, asking for piggy back rides, laughing and tickling us (see the awesome picture of Hannah Lundie getting tickled for a real laugh!!).

We also visited a weaving cooperative in an even more rural setting, where we watched someone spin yarn by hand with only a very simple handtool – amazing! We saw the process of creating the beautiful woven fabrics and wallets, purses, and backpacks they make. It was impressive to say the least.

It’s always hard to say goodbye, and we really only have one more day where we will be playing with the kids. We are already planning our farewell party – oh how the time flies!! We have a day off (Sunday) before we spend our final two days in Lago de Apoyo, a beautiful lake from which we will also visit Granada.














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